Flanged Ducting

Industrial flanged
dust collect ductwork

Flanged ducting has an angle iron ring on each end of the ductwork for a bolt-together installation. Its application is for exterior ducting and can be used for interior piping as well. We recommend this piping for positive system pressure. Flanged ducting can also be customized to a heavier gauge down to 10 Gauge where extra pipe wall strength is required.

Flange dust collection ductwork is a crucial component of any dust collection system. It is designed to effectively capture and remove dust and other airborne particles from various industrial processes. The flange ductwork system is composed of interconnected pipes and fittings that ensure the smooth flow of air and particles through the system.

This type of ductwork is specifically designed to handle the high volumes of dust generated in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, woodworking shops, and metal fabrication facilities. It plays a vital role in maintaining a clean and safe working environment by collecting dust at its source and preventing it from dispersing into the air.



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